The Ashen Ark Mercenary Guild

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The Ashen Ark Mercenary Guild

Post by Snowrose on Sun Aug 11, 2013 11:13 pm

My Ashen Ark is comprised of the most valiant of warriors, skilled and honorable.

We are those who have been burned and have burned ourselves, and from those flames arisen stronger. The ashes of our paths remind us of our mistakes, from which we have learned, from which our purpose has been wrought.

I, the Ashen Dragon, lead a band of great warriors, towards a life of glory and honor.

My guild is made up of these members, of whom each perform unique roles:
The Ashen Dragon-- Sahmus/Snowrose: Leader (Sam)
The Ashen Wolf-- Nymeria: my second, Healer (Danielle)
The Ashen Phoenix-- (Celine)
The Ashen Panther-- Katya: Tactician, Intelligence gathering (MJ)
The Ashen Fae- Crystal: quartermaster (Sheila)

The honour is mine to serve among these great warriors,

-The Ashen Dragon

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