Names-- a start in character creation

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Names-- a start in character creation

Post by Snowrose on Thu Aug 08, 2013 2:45 pm

In your character development you will need to pick out your pseudonym. Your character will be uniquely yours, and your name will suit your back story.

Your title however will be thee animal that is associated most with you (your guardian creature for lack of a better name), I am a weird Fae-dragon cross breed thing, Dany is a Dire wolf, Celine is a Phoenix, etc. As you discover your animal (real, extinct, mythological, you name it) you will be awarded an Ashen title, eg. Ashen Dragon, Ashen Wolf, Ashen Phoenix.

How to figure out your creature: start with your favorite animal, from that figure out whether or not you feel like that is what you would be if you could be an animal. If it doesn't feel right, keep searching until you find the creature that fits.

My personal character has two names, her real name Elexoria, and her Silver Dragon name, Snowrose. The guild members know her as both-- but outside of the guild she is only known as the Ashen Dragon OR in certain rare cases, Elexoria. Snowrose is thought to be dead, and with her life debt to Nikolina she will remain that way.

--The Ashen Dragon

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